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Learn Through Interactive Lessons

Master concepts through evidence-based Lessons, backed by a 'pocket-book' of Insights that serve as a ready-reckoner for easy review.

Gain Statistically Supported Deep Insights

Gain deep insights into your functioning, Subjective well-being (SWB), Psychological well-being (PWB), and Optimal experience patterns. Understand your Stress patterns and Burnout predictions with hundreds of cross-functional data point analytics that emerge through well-designed assessments and statistics.

Assess Strengths & Get Developmental Suggestions

Improve your contentment, manage emotions better, increase your coping skills, stay engaged, and shape transformational thoughts through advanced personalized suggestions.

Improve Your Optimal Experiences

Record daily experiences to gain insights into your trend of what makes you happy, absorbed, and creatively engaged.

Manage Crisis with 20-Step Plan

Formulate multiple, recovery & victory strategy plans to overcome crises through AID.

Stay Supported Through Community Intervention

Acquire cognitive, behavioral, and emotional autonomy through a 24/7 support of a fully moderated community Forum with a possibility of expert psychologists' guidance.

Immerse in Engaging Stories

Read immersive articles and stories that help you imprint your learning acquired in conversation and personalized FOR YOU.

Improve Self-determination Through Guided Goals

Set and achieve meaningful goals that help you accomplish the life of your dream.

Participate in Challenges

Complete well-curated and deeply integrated Challenges to help develop intense Resilience.

Stay Alert to Mental Health Dips

Screen out any mental health dips, as many times as you want, through a well-formulated and research-supported screening tool. Use the tool to screen-out the health concerns of your loved ones too.

Learn CBT based Journaling

Master the art of shaping functional thoughts through guided Diary journaling.

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