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Forum Guidelines

This document contains information (guidelines) on making the most of the inPsyt Forum and ensuring that posts and responses submitted by you follow standards of ethics and respect.


These guidelines are intended to help you build a safe place for the user community to post and explore issues without any fear or inhibition.


You may want to post queries or extend support and provide plausible solutions. Join us in building a community where everyone feels welcome and can participate

About the inPsyt Forum

The inPsyt Forum is a safe place where you can post and respond to queries about

  • reducing emotional distress

  • increasing positive experiences

  • improving engagement

  • developing resilience

  • staying inspired

  • examining your mindsets

  • improving your subjective well-being and more


The Forum helps you work towards a life of excellence, through the community intervention model. The Forum is most effective when used in combination with other resources available in the app.

All posts and responses are moderated to ensure that they adhere to standards of ethics, respect, and sensitivity. You can find out more about how we moderate your posts and responses below.

Using Forum on inPsyt

1. Creating Posts​​​

You can post queries or start discussions on the Forum to help resolve some distress you may be experiencing, or to aid your own growth. You may also write to simply satisfy your curiosity on topics related to psychology. To direct your posts to specific Forum users that you follow, simply tag them in the posts that you create. ​


2. Ask Experts

The Forum is also a space for you to direct posts and queries to our Experts. Experts are qualified psychologists who are equipped to respond to queries on how to change your mindsets that hinder you from reaching your life of excellence . It takes one Ask Expert credit to direct a question to an Expert. These credits can be purchased in the app. You may also allow your Ask Expert post to be open for everyone to respond. This will enable Experts as well as other Forum users to respond to your post.

Meet your Forum experts here


3. Marking Posts as Urgent

It takes up to 48 hours for Forum posts to be moderated. If you want your posts to be moderated faster than that, then you may mark them as ‘urgent’ by using an Urgent Credit. These credits can be purchased in the app. This ensures that your post and the responses it gathers, are treated with priority during the moderation phase.


4. Responding to other Users

We encourage you to extend support to other users and provide plausible solutions that are evidence-based and constructive. Try to keep their welfare and best interests in mind while responding.

If you have turned to the Forum to get help, make it as easy as possible for others to help you by following the Forum Guidelines. If you have decided to use it to help others, be patient and welcoming. Offer support in a respectful, empathetic, and authentic manner.  You may also offer encouragement to other Users by Liking their responses. You have the provision of following other Users, especially if you like their method of help. You can bookmark posts and their responses to make them available for quick reference.

The more you respond to others' posts and the better the quality of your responses as gauged by the Forum moderators, the higher your Response Maturity Ratings. Maturity Ratings are ratings given by our moderators based on the number and quality of your Responses and how helpful they seem to be.

Not a Substitute for Professional Help

No part of the app, including the Forum, is to be considered as a substitute for professional help.

Guidelines for Post and Responses on Forum

It is mandatory to follow the guidelines of the Forum so that everyone who participates has a positive and helpful experience.

1. General Guidelines for both Posts and Responses

  • You can post your queries for discussing options, mindsets, your problem-solving approach or anything that you think will help you develop a life of excellence.

  • We never collect information related to your personal identity. You will participate in Forum activities under an alias to protect your identity.

  • You should take the utmost care not to reveal your or any other person's identity in any comment or query. Do not post any personal information, which includes, but is not limited to, links to social media accounts, pictures, videos, etc.

  • Stay respectful. Personal attacks, hate speech, threats, or discriminatory remarks toward any individual/s, community, nation, race, color, gender, will be rejected by the moderators. No flaming, trolling, or baiting will be accepted.

  • Avoid content that may be aimed at endorsing national or international political leaders, political matters, or opinions that may endanger the safety of any country or state.

  • Do not use this Forum for illegal purposes, including but not limited to

    • defamation

    • spreading hatred

    • disrupting cohesion & peace

    • causing harm

    • violation of intellectual property laws

    • violation of criminal laws

  • When quoting a blog, article, study or any other publication, cite the original source of your material as far as possible, using quotation marks ‘’ or brackets () for longer text.

  • Do not intentionally interfere with or disrupt other Forum participants, network services, or network equipment. This includes spamming, posting irrelevant and unwanted content, and intentional propagation of computer viruses, links to malicious websites, and encoded content.

  • Do not use the Forum as

  • an opportunity for self-promotion,

  • commercial propaganda,

  • or distribution of unsolicited advertisements

  • Do not reveal a concept or a thought experiment that you have learned in the Conversation section. Spoiler posts or responses will be moderated out.


  • At present, Forum supports posts and responses in English only. We will soon supplement the Forum with moderators who comprehend other languages. You shall be notified when moderators fluent in other languages are added to our assessor team.


2. Specific Guidelines for Responding

  • Offer support by responding in a focused manner on the topic of any given post, or ongoing discussion. 

  • Try not to divert an existing topic to your own concern. If you think you need help with a similar issue or topic, then start a new thread.

  • Before sharing a response or solution, ask yourself whether it is

- realistic

- supportive

- helpful

- respectful

- empathetic

  • It is ideal if your suggestions have specific cognitive, emotive, or behavioral outcomes.

  • Be clear and constructive when giving responses. Ensure that your responses are easy to understand. Avoid using complicated words and sentences.

  • Avoid sarcasm and be careful with humor. Humorous tone is hard to decipher in a written form and may be perceived as sarcasm or ridicule.

  • Use gender-neutral language. The pronouns, 'they' 'them' 'their' are best suited while addressing others.

  • Do not ask people to reveal their sexual orientation or gender unless they volunteer and declare it on their own.

  • If it becomes hard to remain friendly or cordial in a Forum discussion, stop participating and move on to other posts that may need your attention.

  • Stay non-judgmental. Do not ridicule other users. Avoid name-calling or personal attacks. Focus on the content, not the person. This includes not using such terms and labels as 'lazy, good-for-nothing, stupid' and so on.

  • Ensure that your response is non-bigoted. A non-bigoted response does not contain any language that is likely to offend or alienate people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

  • As far as possible, ensure that your responses and advice are sound, practical and backed by evidence.

  • Avoid giving a response that duplicates, or is similar to, another response that has already been submitted in the same thread. The conversation needs to advance learning and could contain new points of discussion.


3. Reasons for Rejection of Forum Posts and Responses


A post or response in the Forum may be flagged and/or rejected if it meets any of the following criteria.


  • It lies beyond the scope of the inPsyt Forum.

  • May have violated or has the potential to violate yours or someone else’s identity, confidentiality, or privacy.

  • May contain offensive, discriminatory, or defamatory content.

  • May contain a personal attack or may cause or spread hatred towards another individual/group.

  • May include a threat of harm to individuals, communities, or a country.

  • May have endorsed political viewpoints or rallied for political support.

  • May have violated some legal boundaries.

  • May contain offensive, discriminatory, or defamatory remarks regarding inPsyt or the company.

  • May contain spam, suspicious information, or language not supported by inPsyt or recognized by the Moderator.

  • May contain an advertisement or commercial promotion.

  • May contain app spoilers.

  • May not be related to the post or may not be a direct continuation of the topic.

  • May contain offensive, discriminatory, or defamatory remarks towards a person or group.

  • May include 'judgments' or 'labels' towards a person or a group of persons, or the problem being discussed.

  • May include content that the Moderator does not recognize as having scientific evidence.

  • Someone has already given a similar response.

  • May not be based on theories of psychology.

  • May contain bits of advice that may be interpreted as judgmental or patronizing in some cultures and by some users.

  • May contain comments or gestures that may not be acceptable in some cultures

  • The post/response may contain some ethical violation or a violation of a standard of practice (APA Guidelines).

Moderation of the Forum Posts and Responses

We care for all our app users, and we are all equal here. We will reject any content that has the potential to cause harm to any user or divert the attention of the Forum user to other unhelpful, or unnecessary objectives.


All posts and responses on the Forum are moderated by trained moderators, designated by the developers of inPsyt, who have the authority to remove content that violates these guidelines. As they engage in the moderation process, the moderators abide by the care-giver's pledge that they took when they acquired their certification.


We NEVER ban users, but we will not approve posts and responses that are in violation of these community guidelines.


We will edit or delete any comments that are profane, malicious, degrading, pornographic in nature, or unnecessarily hurtful.

1. Time taken for Moderation

Moderation is a lengthy process, but we try to complete it as quickly as possible. It typically takes 36 to 48 hours to moderate a post or response. Urgent posts, however, are moderated within 12 hours. ​

2. Reasons for rejection of posts or responses

If your posts or responses are not accepted on the Forum, we will communicate the primary reason to you via your Forum threads. Only you can see or know about the rejected post or response. Please remember that a rejection of your posts or responses is not a rejection of you as a person.

Reporting Misuse

Every person can contribute substantially to building a kind and respectful community. Though all posts and responses are thoroughly moderated, we might miss out on filtering some nuances. You can help us out by means of flagging.  If you come across unacceptable behavior, or any unkindness directed at you or others, you can flag the concerned response or post. If you think that a post or a response does not abide by the Forum guidelines, may prove harmful to someone, or sounds disrespectful, then you may flag that post or response, and we will queue it back for re-moderation. Flagging will alert moderators and could trigger possible deletion of the post/response in question.

Contacting Us

If you want to delete your Forum content or offer any other suggestions, then you may do so by writing to us through the profile section. You may also email us at We shall respond as quickly as we can. We do not take more than 30 days to trigger a delete action. You may be asked to confirm the deletion request through your registered email ID.

Forum Profile and Maintaining Confidentiality

We maintain the highest level of privacy and strictest standards of confidentiality. The Forum operates on a system of double-layered anonymity.

1. Forum Username

This is a username that you choose to assign to your Forum profile. You respond to posts under this name. Your Forum profile identity is associated with this name, and other users can view it. They can follow you via this Forum username. Ensure that you do not reveal your real identity while you set this name.​

2. Forum Nickname

This is a name automatically assigned to you by inPsyt. This name is not linked to your Forum profile. It is used when you create a post, without it being associated with your chosen username. This is to ensure that you can ask your concerns without worrying about other Forum users being able to identify you within the Forum lifecycle. ​

3. Forum Avatar

You can choose any avatar image and color from the Forum profile gallery of icons. As an added layer of privacy and anonymity, we do not permit users to load personal pictures into their Forum profiles.

Enjoy using the Forum, support each other, and above all, stay kind.

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