Frequently Asked Questions

Last update: 10 February 2021


Who can use this app?

Any person who is above 17 years of age can use this App.

Who is the app developer?

AscendPsychology CogniPsyTech Pvt. Ltd. has developed the product, inPsyt.

What are the main objectives of the app?

The main objectives of the App are to help users develop a Flourishing, Autotelic (Engaging), Rational, and Resilient Life.

What would happen if a minor joins this app?

Please notify us on if you come across a user profile below 17 years of age. The Forum might contain descriptions of adversities that people may be encountering. We would take all measures to protect the young and vulnerable from exposure to content that might harm them. We also do not want them to view the world in a negatively skewed manner. While the world is a tough place, it is also a source of joy.

When do you send me notifications?

We send you notifications following your opt-in directions. We alert you after Reads and Challenges are released. We also send you an alert for you to take the XP Record or remind you to complete your Goals. We may also notify you regarding any activity on the Forum.

Can I share my profile with a family member?

All your App interactions form one cohesive learning and development program. Sharing your profile with someone is not advisable. You might receive invalid results if multiple people take Lessons or respond to Indices.

Who analyses my data?

Your data is anonymized. All the data is analyzed through safe software programs.

What regions of the world does this App serve?

The App can be downloaded and subscribed to by all people from all regions of the world.

How many languages does the App support?

Right now, the App supports English only. We hope to make the App available in multiple languages soon.

Who writes the content of the App?

The core psychologists of AscendPsychology write the content of the App. We have designed the App with multiple goals in mind. We have edited the content to ensure that we make complex concepts of this behavioral science easy to grasp and apply.

How can I contact you if I have any questions?

You may mail us at with your queries.

What are the terms of the App?

You may want to refer to our Terms of Services for the App here.


What are my Privacy Rights?

We have taken the utmost care to maintain your Privacy. You may review our Privacy Policy here.

Will you sell my data?

We never sell your data. You may review our Privacy Policy here.

How long will you retain my data after I delete my account?

We retain your data for up to 6 months after you delete your account. This data is not retrievable. This data is maintained only for analytics and research purposes. Please visit our Privacy Policy to view more details of how we use your data.

Do you use my data for research?

Yes, we use your data in an anonymized form to forward our learning about the various benefits that the App provides. Please visit our Privacy Policy to view more details of how we use your data.


Are Challenges useful?

Challenges are one of the action-based methods of changing behaviors. Completing personally meaningful Challenges can help you make small and incremental changes in cognitions, emotions, and behaviors that help you build a FARR life.

What precautions should I take while completing Challenges?

We have added a small list of precautions that you should follow while taking up each Challenge. The general rule to follow is to ensure that you keep yourself and others safe.


Do you monitor or read my Diaries?

No. Your Diary's contents are neither monitored nor extracted. We keep a general check on the Diaries to maintain App health and review the Diary's technical aspects from time to time, though.

Can I download my Diaries?

No, the Diaries cannot be downloaded in this version of the App. We will notify you if we include this feature in our future versions.


Can I download my Goals?

No, the Goals cannot be downloaded in this version of the App. We will notify you if we include this feature in our future versions.

Do you read my Goals?

No. Your Goal contents are neither monitored nor extracted. We keep a general check on the Goals to maintain App health and review the Goal's technical aspects from time to time, though.


Indices seem to be compulsory.

Indices serve as milestones for your development. It also shapes your suggestions and personalization of Reads. You, therefore, need to complete Indices at a regular interval. We have kept it minimal, and only as much is necessary.

Who has developed these Indices?

These Indices have been developed by inPsyt's content team and can be used in the context of the App only. It is meant to serve a developmental goal only.


How do I use the Precepts feature?

The Precepts are very brief summaries of the Lessons that you master. You could use this feature as a quick reference to all that you are learning through the Lessons.

Can I download Precepts?

No, the Precepts cannot be downloaded in this version of the App. We will notify you if we include this feature in our future versions.


How many Lessons (Sessions) do I get in each subscription plan?

We release 1 Lesson (also called a Session) each day. If you miss a Session on any day, you can complete it later. You can maximum 2 Sessions per day.

Do you collect my data within the Lessons?

We may collect some responses from within the Lesson to shape your developmental suggestions and mark some Reads & Challenges 'For You'.

Why restrict to 2 Sessions per day?

Paced training is more effective than all-at-once learning. We care for your digital health and encourage you to spend only the least minimum time on the app. This way, you can balance your education at the same time do more with your life experientially.


How are the Reads released?

All your Reads are aligned with your Lessons. The Reads are thus released when you complete the corresponding Lesson.

What is the primary goal of Reads?

Your Reads are stories, case studies, academic articles, and opinions. The Reads include applications of concepts that you learn.

Tracking Growth

Will you mail me my reports?

No. Your reports can only be viewed from within the App environment.

When will I start receiving developmental suggestions?

We will release your personalized developmental suggestions once we accumulate enough trends in your patterns of functioning. We release personalized advice twice a year. You continue to get generalized development suggestions through Lessons, Reads, Challenges, and Insights.

XP Records

How do the XP Records work?

XP Records is the random sampling method of analyzing behavioral, emotional, and motivational trends. When you record data at randon times, you get an overall picture of what motivates you, what activities you enjoy the most, and when you are the happiest. These are few of the outcomes. To review all the outcomes, refer to the Indices section of the App.

What factors does the XP Records Index cover?

The Optimal Experience Index is the outcome of your XP Records. The Optimal Experience Index covers multiple factors. For instance, it may help you view the range of engagement and motivation that you enjoy. You will review the most frequent emotional state that you are in when you perform various activities. You can view the details of factors that this Index measures in the advanced profile section of the App.

What is an Optimal Experience?

Optimal experience is a positive and complex condition in which cognitive, motivational, and emotional components coexist in a coherent fashion giving rise to an intense experience called Flow. When in Flow, a person feels immersed in the activity and feels aligned with what they are doing.

What is the optimum number of XP Records that I should respond to per day?

We suggest that you allow the App to collect at least 4 random records per day (the more, the better) if you want an accurate trend of your Optimal Experiences.


What is the main focus of Aid?

Aid assists you in forming a self-help plan to deal with crises and adversities. It helps you structure your thinking while you solve the problem at hand.

How many Aid credits do I get?

You get 1 Aid credit per month when you choose a Pro plan. If you choose a quartely plan, then you get 3 credits and 12 for the annual subscrption. You can also buy more credits if you need so.


Who are the Experts?

Experts are cohorts of Psychologists who support the Forum. 5 cohorts (called Personae) of Experts respond to queries directed at them. These cohorts specialize in different aspects of behavioral science. You could know more about these personae here.

How many Expert credits do I get?

To keep the subscription costs low, we have not added any Expert credits to any pro plan. Pro users who think that their concerns need Expert intervention may buy credits. In this way, the cost of the Expert involvement is directed to the voluntary users.

How do Experts support the Forum?

Experts support the Forum by offering timely suggestions when asked. They may also volunteer to be a part of any ongoing discussion if time permits. However, they have no obligation to respond if the query is not directed to them.


What are the advantages of the Forum?

The Forum is your safe place to explore ideas related to life and living. This is your community. Your Responder profile is different from the Query profile. You may ask your question without worrying about how it would impact others' view of your responses. Users cannot associate your personal struggles for which you seek help to your help-giving ability.

Who can respond to my Posts?

All community members can respond to posts. You can direct your query to a community member if you like some of their earlier responses. All responses are moderated to ensure that you are not bullied, trolled, or harassed. We encourage a kind and supportive environment. If you ask an Expert then you have an option to keep it open to all the users to respond, or restrict it to Experts only.

Whose Posts can I respond to?

You can respond to any post in the Forum which has been opened to all users by the person posting the query. All your responses are moderated to ensure that we support you as you help others in a kind and empathetic manner.

Can I exchange phone numbers or email ids with my community?

No. You are advised not to ask for or share your personal numbers or emails with others. We will moderate out any personal information that you share on the Forum.


How many screenings does the App have?

We have two types of screening in this version of the App; 1. The Stress Screening and 2. The Mental Health Screening Stress Screening helps identify your stress levels and could be taken if you have recently encountered any adversity or stressors. Choose the Mental Health Screenings if you want to be alerted to any mental health dips.

Why do I not receive a diagnosis after I take a Screening?

The Screening is a pre-diagnostic tool. It only alerts you if your mental health has dipped or if you are showing any signs of stress. You would require to follow it up with a mental health professional for formal intervention.

Can you offer a brief guide to the Screening feature?

Screenings are brief assessments designed to alert you to seek professional help if needed. Screenings are not a diagnostic tool. They serve as a pre-diagnostic support. - When to choose the Stress Screening Stress questionnaire helps you detect any dip in your mental health functioning due to the presence of a stressor. Good mental health facilitates Flourishing life. When a person experiences stress, they may feel dysfunctional emotions such as anxiety and dejection. They may also exhibit symptoms like loss of appetite or loss of sleep. If you think you are or have recently encountered an event that challenges your adaptation, is an adverse situation, or is a traumatic situation, then you could take up the stress screening. Stressors could vary from everyday conflicts to catastrophic events, such as the Covid-19. Some examples of stressors are:- 1. Death of a loved one 2. Getting criticized 3. Job challenges 4. Dealing with failure 5. Being disapproved of 6. Some upcoming stressful event 7. Being talked about 8. Pandemic / Disaster 9. Receiving a rejection 10. Conflict with someone - When to choose one of the Mental Health Screenings (MHS) MHS, short for Mental Health Screenings, are pre-diagnostic tools to help you decide if you need to seek professional help for any mental health condition. The MHS section has many types of Screening assessments that cover various clusters of mental health conditions. These Screenings are broadly based on the ICD-11 diagnostic criteria. 1. Take the MHS_Mood if you are experiencing emotions (moods) that seem to be distorted or inconsistent with your circumstances and interferes with your ability to function. You may be extremely sad, empty, or irritable (depressed), or you may have periods of depression alternating with being excessively elated. You may be unreasonably euphoric or may have changing moods. (Included in the free plan) 2. Take the MHS_Anxiety if you want to know if any of your fears or worries need professional intervention. (Included in the free plan) 3. Take the MHS_Substance if you want to know whether your use of alcohol or psychoactive substances is harmful or if you have formed a dependence on them. (Pro Feature, Coming soon) 4. Take the MHS_Eating if you want to know whether you may need to seek a second opinion for an eating disorder. (Pro Feature, Coming soon) 5. Take the MHS_Dementia if you want to be check signs of early cognitive impairment that may be indicative of the onset of dementia. (Pro Feature, Coming soon) 6. Take the MHS_Gaming to know if your gaming patterns are dysfunctional, addictive, and need intervention. (Pro Feature, Coming soon) 7. Take the MHS_OCD to know if some of your repetitive behaviors or thoughts, (e.g., double-checking if you have locked your door, repetitive thoughts of infection), pose a health concern. (Pro Feature, Coming soon) 8. Take the MHS_Other if you note unusual sensations, feelings, sensory experiences, or any other unexplained mental states (out-of-body experiences, sounds that others do not hear, crawling sensations on the skin, etc.). (Pro Feature, Coming soon) We advise you to take the Mental Health Screenings (MHS) regularly. We suggest that you take it often enough to know how mental health symptoms manifest. The presence of symptoms alone does not indicate a mental health condition. The manifestation of mental health conditions is complicated. These conditions are sometimes falsely identified and other times, easy to miss. By responding to the Screening often, you improve the probability of catching mental health conditions early. Early detection improves treatment outcomes.

What precautions should I take while taking a Screening assessment?

Some things to remember when you take the Screening Assessment. 1. The Screenings are online assessments. Since these are administered without clinical supervision, they may sometimes generate an inaccurate reading. 2. If you are feeling generally unwell or you think that something about your functioning is not quite alright, then you may want to seek professional help even if these screenings do not send out an alert. 3. Sometimes, stress manifests itself as a mental health condition. Since any screening is a pre-diagnostic assessment, it is essential to follow it up with a diagnostic evaluation. 4. Individuals with a mental health condition/s can get better and develop excellent skills in adapting to the challenges of life. 5. Do not administer these Screening assessments to others. Doing so is neither helpful nor ethical. Your screening findings also help us to formulate developmental suggestions for you. We integrate these suggestions into your FARR profile.

Psy Quiz

What is the function of Psy Quiz?

The Psy Quiz is meant to entertain and introduce you to the world of Psychology.

Science Behind inPsyt

What psychology theories do you follow?

We use theories of Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Model to help you develop your FARR life.

Do you conduct research based on the findings in Indices?

Yes, we continually conduct research on the findings of the Indices. We ensure that your data is anonymized and your Privacy is protected. We shall regularly release white papers on the outcomes of this analysis.


What happens if I stop my subscription?

Please refer to the Terms of Service for a detailed understanding about the subscription and what happens if you terminate or cancel your subscription.

How many plans do you offer?

We offer the Basic, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Yearly Plans. Read more about the plans here.


Will I get any credits or benefits with Achievements?

Your Achievement badges are one of the methods for you to track your development and your App use. Shortly, we may offer credit to Forum responders who support others consistently. Look out for these offers in our future updates. We will notify you when we start these benefits.

How do I ensure that I keep reaching more achievement levels?

Keep enjoying the App and complete as many tasks as you can. Your Achievement badges are an indicator of how optimally you are using the App. They also act as milestones.


What are Insights?

Insights are integrated findings that we offer you after we derive them from your responses. Your Indices and Lessons are the main source of this data. The App offers you a cluster of Insights every 6 months, after assimilating the various data points.

What Insights do you offer?

The following are some examples of the Insights that you will view:- 1. The degree to which you feel inspired & motivated in life 2. The extent to which you put effort to make your days engrossing and happy 3. The probability of your staying calm and composed during a crisis 4. How easy you find it to get started in a day 5. If your ability to bounce back from trauma aids you to do more in your life 6. The extent to which you find adversities nourishing 7. Your proneness to emotional burn-out 8. Your impulse control index 9. Your patterns of subjective well-being and many more....