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Live the (F) Flourishing, (A) Autotelic, (R) Rational and (R) Resilient life.

“...It is when we act freely, for the sake of the action itself rather than for ulterior motives, that we learn to become more than what we were.”
― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Our unique features aid you to flourish, stay engaged with life, build a rational outlook to living, and build psychological stamina...

With small efforts every day.

Regular, deep-designed lessons to build your FARR journey
Multiple and connected resources to shape your Flourishing life
Advanced and integrated assessments to  illustrate your growth
Fully moderated Forum supported by experts to stimulate learning through discussion

Spend 30 Minutes Daily 

Gain Huge Rewards Incrementally!

Let Statistics and Cumulative Data SLOG for You...

Apply small daily effort, and leave the rest to the applicative magic of psychology, delivered seamlessly through technology. While you record daily experiences, read engaging stories every week, immerse into regular conversations, set guided goals, accept life-transforming challenges, and take assessments at regular intervals, the data works rigorously simultaneously and silently . It ties up ALL your feeds to offer you comprehensive insights into complex and inter-related psychological phenomena. 


We have taken away the load of the complexity from you, as you carry out the simple task of experiencing an enjoyable, interactive journey to a Flourishing life. Your developmental suggestions are an integrative outcome of these complex interactions performed implicitly and automatically.


 All you have to do is enjoy the App and let us do the rest. 



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Expert Personae

Our Experts are qualified psychologists who, through their training and practice, have gained an in-depth understanding of the applications of various areas of the science. The 5 Personae are representatives of their specializations. These cluster of Experts shape & curate your lessons, write stories and guide you through the Forum.



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Make inPsyt a Partner in Your Journey Towards an Empowered, Autonomous, Engaged, Functional, Positive and Distress-free life.



Basic Plan



14 Lessons

14+ Reads**

30+ Precepts**

10+ Challenges**

Set 10 Goals

Make 10 Diary Entries

Unlimited Screening

Unlimited XP Records

All Indices

Basic Indices Findings

3 Days Access to Forum

Quiz _ Baisic


Starts from $4.99

per month paid annually

16+ Lessons per month*

16+ Reads per month**

32+ Precepts per month**

10+ Challenges**

Set Unlimited Goals

Unlimited Diary Entries

Unlimited Screening

Unlimited XP Records

All Indices

Advanced Indices Findings***

Developmental Suggestions

Burn-Out Predictions

Integrated FARR Index

Unlimited Access to Forum

1 Aid Sessions per month

Quiz _ Advanced

*Lessons are released intermittently with breaks given for the assimilation of concepts and completion of other tasks.
**Reads, Insights and Challenges are released after you complete the corresponding Lessons. 
*** The advanced findings and comprehensive developmental suggestions are generated twice yearly
Please read the terms related to your subscription plan thoroughly before subscribing.
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